Essay on Graduation Speech : My Experience And Activism

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I am extremely delighted to be applying for this program and I feel fortunate to be working on my undergraduate degrees during the time in which you are offering this course! I will talk about my previous travel experience and activism. Then, I will talk about the reasons why I hope to study abroad in Sardinia, Italy with your team this summer and what I hope to accomplish from it.

In the summer of 2011, me and my friend Kurt traveled through parts of Spain, France, Germany, and The Czech Republic. It was during this trip that my love for spoken stories developed and their potential for highlighting different social issues through recording present and past experiences. Before traveling abroad, I knew class status to directly impact the lives of people around the world, but I did not often hear of Europe as being a place where racism is as operative as it is in America. Through my interactions with local people and those that hosted us, I saw how class, family connections, and one’s racial and ethnic background largely determined their access to or exclusion from opportunities. It was also on this trip that I became aware of my privilege as an American traveler, yet I felt a sense of hopelessness in calling attention to these issues. In this way, my experience abroad sparked my interest in NGO work, realizing a need for structure, such as a community base where collaboration, networking, and development can occur. I also realized the privilege I have, to produce knowledge…

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