Graduation Speech : My Dad 's Funeral Essay

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After moving though, I can say that one of the hardest things for myself personally was leaving my family and friends behind. The second time around was definitely easier due to the fact that the second time I left I was thirteen and in high school (in England you start high school in grade seven). When I came back to England after being away for fifteen months I rekindled with all my childhood friends and we all went off to high school together. After my first year in high school I was saying good bye to all my childhood friends again, and this time the new friends that I had made. Since we have moved back to Canada we have not been able to afford to go back and visit at all, which has made us all very homesick. We, as a family have missed major family events such as my cousins wedding, my Grandma’s surgery, and one of the biggest of them all, my Grandpa’s funeral. Not being there for important events was and still is heartbreaking and make us all feel further away from home than we actually are. While reading the “Moving Families: Expatriation, Stress and Coping” journal something I read on relationships with extended families caught my eye. Many of the families that were interviewed for their research commented saying they felt like they were “living between two worlds, especially when they were dealing across oceans with children left behind, and with family crises such as the ill health or death of parents” (). I can agree with this. Being away in a time of need can…

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