Graduation Speech : High School Essay

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As a current senior in High School, it is becoming the time that I start applying for colleges, and making decisions for my life after I get out of High School. With that being said, most colleges expect potential students to write a personal statement essay, describing why he/she would make a good student for their school. In a personal statement letter or essay, students write about their achievements in school, and why the said student would make a good addition to the school they are applying for. Colleges are interested in building a campus that is diverse, and has all sorts of different students to create the best learning experience possible. My achievements and experiences are not that great, but I would still make a great addition to some schools because I am a great student, and I always try to get my work done on time, and I plan on doing it to the best of my ability. My GPA is not the best, but I also don 't think that GPA should be determined by the way a student tests, but also by the way a student is in class, and the way the student wants to learn. In this personal statement letter, I will talk mainly about myself, which is something I am not very good at in the first place.

First, there are many academic achievements that I have made throughout my four years at Worland High School. I have been very good at maintaining a GPA of between 3.2 and 3.5 every year, and always turn my work in on time; the work might not be of the best quality at all times,…

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