Graduation Speech : Elementary School Essay

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Elementary School Elementary school was kindergarten through fourth grade and there is very little I remember. I don’t remember going home and reading to my grandparents or playing with anyone at recess or biting my nails when I was made to talk in front of my classmates, but I know I did. There are pictures of elementary school me with big smiles and bitten down nails.
There’s this memory I have of writing my name in cursive and being told, rather harshly, that I was not to do that again because we were not being taught that. I remember biting my and nodding and struggling to remember cursive letters in later years. But I also remember a classmate cutting my finger so bad it was barely hanging on and then going back to class just fine with a band aid on. I don’t know if either is a real memory, but the more I think about it the more I realize that I don’t write in cursive and my finger is doesn’t really matter. I don’t have vivid memories of happiness or sadness, but I know they were both there and sometimes I wish I could go back simply so I could know what was concrete, I don’t think any of my memories are true.

Intermediate School Intermediate school was fifth and sixth grade and I remember more of that period than I do of elementary school. I remember absent day after absent day of laying in bed as I refused beyond reason to go, I remember meetings with my parents, and teachers, and the principal, and I remember being told I had so much potential. I remember…

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