Essay Graduation Speech : Education And English

1500 Words Oct 25th, 2016 6 Pages
Introduction English teachers must teach high school students how to effectively provide feedback to peers and how to properly utilize that feedback. Throughout my seven years of teaching and two years of my undergraduate degree, I felt that the one area of teaching where I was weak was teaching writing, the writing process, especially the revising stage. I felt weak because I never received much training on how to effectively teach students to understand and be comfortable with the process. Because of this weakness, I desperately wanted to learn more about it; therefore, I applied to the Masters of Education: Adolescent Education with a concentration in English program. My hope was that I would learn through both the Education and English departments on how to best teach students how to “master” (or practice) the art of writing and revising. Throughout the two years I have been in this program, I have received very little input or training on how to effectively teach students how to effectively provide feedback, let alone revise their own essays. As always, most of the English courses I have taken focused more on the literature, literature workshops, and responses to literature. However, I always received feedback from the professors on my own writing and projects; different professors had different methods of providing the feedback. Most gave feedback through a hard copy form, but a few did use only online programs to hopefully return the feedback through…

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