Essay about Graduation Speech : College Students

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As college students continue through the system, the cost of college keeps increasing and more and more students find themselves in debt once they are finally through college. Of course there the options of financial aid, loans, and scholarships to balance out the cost of college for the students attending, but sometimes the money from these options isn’t quite enough or students find it difficult to attain such assistance in paying for college. When I attend college, I am mostly worried about not having enough money from scholarships to pay off my entire college career. Preferably, I would rather not pay for any of my college degree out of pocket, whether it be mine or my parents’. I fear having to ask them for money to finish paying of my college expenses, and then be in debt to them or have that cloud over my shoulders. I wish to attend college on a track scholarship, therefore, I would have to balance my practicing and competing with my class, but I also need to balance both athletics and education with some type of employment so I can be bringing in income to pay for the simple things like food. What I fear for, as far as my payment of my possible debt from attending college is needing to pay for loans, asking my parents for money, and not being able to find balance so I can not support my self. I am worried about my situation once college is over and I find myself having to pay off loans that I applied for while I was in college, and therefore, continue to be poor…

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