Graduation Speech : College Is Challenging For Your Goals, And By Recognizing The Benefits Of A College Degree

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According to the Web site Measuring College Graduation Rates in Virginia, in 2013, almost 35 percent of students failed to earn a bachelor 's degree within six years’ time. Obviously, many students are struggling in college. Although the college is challenging, I am going to succeed by seeking helpful advice from experts, by developing useful strategies to help me attain my goals, and by recognizing the benefits of a college degree.
Because I am a new student in this semester, I know that college will be challenging for me. One challenge that I am facing is listening, writing, and understanding vocabulary in English. Because it is not my mother language, I have to translate all new words into my language to understand the meaning. In my country, I used English more frequently in class and less frequently outside the class because I did not have enough encouragement to practice. Another challenge that I am facing is the difficulty I have making friends and maintaining those friendship in America. Language becomes a barrier in our communication. Sometimes I misunderstand Americans even we communicate in English. That makes me feel shy and uncomfortable. Moreover, I have challenges in time management since I work in the nail shop thirty hours per week. I cannot start doing homework until 10:00 p.m., and I often do not finish until 1:00 a.m.
Although the college is difficult, I plan to succeed by seeking helpful advice from experts. Stephen Covey is one expert. He is a…

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