Graduation Speech : College Algebra Essay

1638 Words Oct 7th, 2015 null Page
Most professors and students share a few common things such as wanting all the students to pass the class and how well the students retain the information taught so they can get an education; those goals pertain to me because that is what I am aiming for also. College Algebra is a very interesting class to me. To make this class different from other core classes would not be that hard but it would take a little more effort. The following are criteria that would make a great general education course and would also benefit my core class. Professors could change up their teaching techniques. The relevance of the class should relate to the real world. The interaction between other students in the classroom would benefit the learning environment and the communication between the professors and their students should be strong and up front.
My first criterion for a good core class is it helps the students if professors have good teaching techniques. Professors need change things up every once in a while; they should not just teach for the whole class period. This is important because students get bored and distracted easily these days because of technology. Yes, some professors might say they are not an entertainer, they are an educator, but if professors made what they had to teach interesting then the students would become more engaged in what it is they have to learn. The Boundless Education book states that good teaching techniques in the classroom will help not only students…

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