Graduation Speech : Arts And Humanities Essay

1190 Words Jan 11th, 2016 5 Pages
There is a required category of classes for me to graduate from UCI called Arts and Humanities. It means I have to choose at least two classes that I do not have lots of interests among religions studies, histories of art and music. That is why I enrolled in Music 8, a class mainly talks about the histories of the Beatles. The introduction of this class was pretty much fun or at least funner than east asian languages and literatures. I like the Beatles, and I thought I could have a easy time with this class because I know a lot about them. During the introduction class, I was trying to find some Chinese fellows like me to study together, and I would like to see many of them here in this class because they can always find some easy A classes. I could not find many, there were only four or five among two hundred or more students. I was not pay much attention to the syllabus and only noticed the due date of the first assignment because I believe a general education class would not have so many tricks. Hmm, the first assignment was a summary about their early life in Hamburg, it should be easy. I planned to write it before the night of the due date, and I did not check the requirements and reading materials attached. The contents of this class was easy, just play some videos and their songs, and introduced some great prizes they won. Of course the timelines of their careers. I should recommend this class to my buddies because this class do actually had no tricks. Two…

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