How To Write A Classroom Observation

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Day 1 This is the first day of my observation. My first class was Grade10- Bagtikan. Mr. De Salit first checked if the room was clean but then there was trashes around so he told the cleaners to sweep the floor. After making sure that the room was clean he started his class. But before that, he first introduce me to the class. At the middle of the discussion, students of Grade10- Bagtikan started to chat with their seatmates. As the students make some noise, Mr. Ronn always told them to quiet and listen to him. Our next class was Grade10- Kalantas. H e just repeated what he did first before he start his class on the first section. Our next class was Grade10- Mayapis. When we reached the room of Grade10- Mayapis, the room was so messy, there …show more content…
I’m so excited because it was a new lesson I’ve discussed but unfortunately my students were few because of many things to do in their other subjects. But still I discussed what I suppose to discuss. Day 11 It’s a start of new day again. After 2 days of preparation I finished my visual aids for today. I start observing my cooperating teacher’s discussion. It’s so sad because again only few came to school. I don’t know what’s their reason why they are absent for this day. Day 12 It was sunny day. A new day that is full of excitement and courage for myself to pursue the adventures in my life as a new teacher. This day I start thinking what strategy I’m going to use. Again only few go to school and some of their teachers did not discussed that much because of many absent. Despite of many absent, I still went on to my discussion. Since my lesson for this day is easy, I told them that they teach their other classmates that was absent for this day. Day 13 I woke up late this day but still I arrived on time. I’m so excited and my students as well because they enjoyed my activity that I prepared for them. I make some joke also when discussing the activity. I saw the enjoyment in their eyes and it makes me feel so glad and

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