Reflection Of Teachers And Principals In High School

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Teachers and principals on a given can be found at different campuses each year. What is even more amazing is that a former student will recognize one after fifteen plus years. This happened to me. I happen to choose Doerre Intermediate due to being in the area close to where my kids go for just in case emergencies. I received my response email from Mrs. Garcia stating I can go ahead and contact the school, and it turns out that Mr. Domino is the principal I need to speak with. He was the principal when I was in high school many years ago. I observed four class periods for several Fridays, because of this there will be many teachers and lessons I will be addressing for this journal. One is a 6th grade teacher during 3rd period, her name is …show more content…
She presents a new lesson, but instead of teaching, she lets them discover. The last teacher is Mr. Collins, his first-period class has 25 students with a mixture of 7th and 8th grades students with one 6th grader. His lesson is math ninja, which was quite fun.
I chose to do Competency 008 which is the teacher provides appropriate instruction that actively engages students in the learning process. I picked the three teachers listed above. They showed several types of lessons and how to execute them in different ways. Ms. Bell and her co-teacher started the check booking project before I started my observations, but I was able to view the final portion of the lesson. The lesson is over money management. The teacher gave each student checkbook registers and miscellaneous expenses to write checks out to. The last day of the project each student received either an expense or a saving to apply to their checkbooks. The students were told to read what they received out loud. The students made up silly scenarios to go with the ones they acquired, such as the hallway lamp being broken and they must purchase a new one at 25 dollars. The students will come up how the lamp was
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This is a valuable life skill wrapped up in an exciting learning lesson. Who doesn’t enjoy playing with fake money and buy fancy items? The following class was Mrs. Hickman’s first-period class. She was introducing an unfamiliar concept to her students and she was only going to observe while the students discovered and attempt the lesson on their own after the instructions. Mrs. Hickman’s lesson is over absolute mean deviation. The way she actively engages each of the students’ learning is by asking them questions; such as asking the students if they know any of the vocabulary in the title of the lesson. She has them brainstorm out loud what the terms may mean. When the students state what they think the terms mean, then she will explain to the students the terms. After that, she visually demonstrates each term and how it is found. She gives a brief reminder of the terms they have learned and their meaning. Mrs. Hickman distributes calculators to each student with the handout of the lesson. She goes over the instructions and goes over the example with them. She has paired up the students to work on the lesson and tells them to check with each other to make sure their math is done

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