Graduation Speech : A Military Science Instructor Essay

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As a Military Science Instructor, I will challenge, engage and inspire growth of my cadets. I will begin by creating an environment that promotes learning and that welcomes the thoughts and ideas of everyone. It is my belief that every cadet is capable of learning the attributes to become a better leader in the United States Army, if provided with the correct training and guidance. I will constantly engage my cadets on what it takes to become a good leader by implementing stories from my experience that will pull them into the learning experience of being a leader. I believe that it is my job to share my experience with my cadets. I will promote a positive learning environment that will spark cadet’s passion for learning and that will offer a strong foundation for lifelong learning.
During my time in the Army, I have gained an abundance of experience in attending many military schools and by working in many job positions. I have also acquired experience in participating in four combat deployments. I have served in a leadership position for over 17 years. My teaching experience has evolved from many years as a Drill Sergeant and Non-commissioned Officer. I believe that these experiences have given me with the necessary skills to adapt my style of teaching to fit the person needs. Additionally, I received training through the Cadre Faculty Development Course which taught me different strategies to apply towards learning.
I will merge a variety of teaching techniques to…

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