Grade Level : K Number Of Students Essay

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Grade Level: K Number of Students: 4 Instructional Location: Date: June 1, 2016

Lesson Goals
Central Focus of Lesson: Identify

Curriculum Area Addressed: Science

Curriculum Standard(s) Addressed:
9.) Identify seasons of the year.

Arts Area: Visual Arts

Arts Standard(s) Addressed:
Use selected materials to produce works of art. AED-K-1

Lesson Objectives and Demands
Content Objectives:
Students will know the seasons of the year.
Students will be able to draw what seasons look like.

Assessment: Students will be assessed using a check sheet. o Student participated in activity o Student had all seasons o Student made each season have correct characteristics o Student had the seasons in the correct order

Key Vocabulary in Lesson: Season, weather, hot, cold, snow, leaves, summer, fall, spring, and winter.

Lesson Considerations
Materials: Powerpoint/prezi, construction paper, markers/crayons/colored pencils, and sample.

Prior Academic Learning and Prerequisite Skills:
Students need to have experienced weather.
Students need to know the order of the months.
Students need to have a general concept of seasons.

Misconceptions: Since Alabama had mild winters, students may not relate well to the general overview of winter.
Students may confuse the seasons.
Students could think I was talking about sports seasons (eg football season).

I have a hearing impaired student and I will wear a microphone.

Lesson Plan Details: Write a detailed…

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