Essay on Governor Bentley 's Role For His Alcohol Addiction

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Due to the recent unfortunate event involving State Senator Cam Ward, he has chosen to seek professional help for his alcohol addiction (Townsend, H., 2015). In reaction to his leave, Governor Bentley has decided to allow, Taylor Anders to be an apart of the Alabama Criminal Justice Oversight and Implementation council. In doing so she, Taylor Anders, is given the responsibility of catching up on past information so she can turn in a policy framework report thoroughly explaining her new policy proposals to the new council. Along with her research, Taylor shall implement a list collaborated of the top four challenges/goals to reduce the overall prison capacity. In addition, Governor Bentley would like to see that the information provided is thorough, and that each policy is ranked by its importance. After completing the above criteria, Governor Bentley would like the compare the reports from each of his other council members. Within the past couple of months, Governor Bentley has passed what is said to be one of the most comprehensive prison reform bills. “The eight-member council will focus on developing policy and guideline changes for treatment programs and community correction programs. Members will analyze data reflecting client participation in treatment services from state-funded programs to ensure performance-based funding” (Erwin, C., 2105). SB 67 was signed on May 21, 2015, and on June 30, 2015 Governor Bentley announced his plan for the creation of his council…

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