Essay about Government

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Governments tend to play the key role in the development of its economy. I think they can serve as the controller or the protector of their economy. India and Japan have been two successful countries that have redefined their economic stand point. Both countries have accomplished this goal with similar fashion. The government’s role has its similarities and differences in both countries and I will attempt to compare them. India and Japan have had land reforms that have gone through changes with success. At one point India had some land reforms that failed but government pushed for new strategy in the 1960’s. The Green Revolution permitted government to provide seeds and gave farmers access to subsidized fertilizer. Irrigation was the …show more content…
Policy would then be made to reduce the workforce in order to reduce public spending and deficits. I think Indian government is serving as a controller with these types of policies. Japan formed a government counsel called administrative guidance which special favors were given to certain picked industries. By doing so, I think Japan was acting as a protector rather than a controller of their economy. According to Kesselmen, this led to significant advantages in domestic and foreign competition (Kesselmen 2010). During the 1980’s, Japan has a more rapid expansion in the high tech industrial growth. Japan government developed new strategies which included nontariff barriers against foreign imports, development projects, and public funds for research (Kesselmen). According to Kesselemen, due to Japan’s high tech exporting, it made Japan the world’s largest creditor nation (Kesselmen 2010). I think this is a success that the role of government is responsible for. India and Japan are two countries that developed their economic status due to the roles of government. Although, India and Japan had land reforms and new policies, they each had two different roles in government. It is clear that Japan’s role in government was to become a guide and protector of its economy. I think It served well especially in their exporting of goods. I think India’s role of government

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