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Chapter 1: The More Things Change…The More They Stay the Same

1. Analyze current problems and issues in American Government by applying Historical perspectives:
-History Repeats Itself +A new Communication medium paves the way to Electoral Victory- Meaning the internet and social media have revolutionized American politics. Campaign advertising is the use of an advertising campaign through the media to influence political debate and ultimately voters. Political advertising has changed drastically over the last several decades. Harry S. Truman was proud of his accomplishment of
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+Theocracy- A form of government in which a particular religion or faith plays a dominant role in the government.
+Monarchy- A form of government in which one person, usually a member of a royal designate, exercises supreme authority.
+Authoritarianism- A form of government in which one political party, group or person maintains such complete control over the nation that it may refuse to recognize and may even suppress all other political parties and interest. 3. Analyze current problems and issues in American Government by applying Historical Perspectives:
-American Government and Politics +Natural Law- According to John Locke, the fundamental type of law, which supersedes any law this is made by government. Citizens are born with certain natural right (including life liberty and property) that derive from this law and that government cannot take away. +Popular Sovereignty- The idea that the ultimate source of power in the nation is held by the people. +Representative Democracy- A form of government designed by the U.S. Constitution whereby free, open, and regular elections are held to allow voters to choose those who govern on their behalf; it is also referred to as indirect democracy or a republican form of government. +Direct Democracy- A system of government in which all citizens participate in making policy, rules, and governing decisions. 4. Define Political Culture

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