Government Support of E-Business Essays

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Assignment 5- P6/P7 In this assignment I am going to explain how the government supports the development of e-business and I will use example to support my answers. Also I am going to produce a personal development plan to aid an individual to prepare for increased use of business online.
Government e-commerce regulations about online business
The E-commerce Regulations apply to businesses which sell goods or services to businesses or consumers through a number of different ways. These can include though the internet, by email or Short Message Service. Also the e-commerce regulation also includes advertisement through the internet, emails or SMS. The e-commerce regulations do not cover businesses who advertise through direct
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Emails can be improved by showing the correct way of how to address emails in a formal manner, this well help to increase the standard of communication between online customer relations. Microsoft outlook for keeping up-to-date with customer orders and the day to day running of the company, any important notes and messages can be left securely on Microsoft outlook. The companies own software- employees must be shown how to use any company software so that they can source for product information about any orders which comes through any employee can deal with it and get it shipped out as quickly as possible. Searching for information on the internet, this is basically searching for the correct information which can help a business carry out their work. For example a home delivery company will need to search for customers addresses so that they know where they are going. What will the employee do after they have completed the training? Once the employee has completed the training courses they will become more multi skilled, this means that they will be able to carry out other activities within the business and become more confident when carrying out each job as they will know what to do. What do I have to do to help me meet this training need? The most important reason is to support each employee who is gaining extra training; this will make them more committed to carry out their job to the highest standard.

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