Government Abuses The Human Rights Of The Minority Essays

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Does the emergence of democracy compromises the basic human rights of the minority? Study case: Tolikara riot in Papua
The emergence of democracy in the world is inevitable. The practice of democracy has been rapidly widespread throughout many countries, even within countries which have different characteristics. However, the application mostly does not run smoothly. There are numerous debates, controversies or even riots in the process. Whether to overthrow the authoritian leadership or war between majority and minority among the civil society, like in Papua, Indonesia. On 17 August, hundreds of people attacked at Muslims during outdoor Eid al-Fitr prayers and burnt some mosques and Muslim’s houses and kiosks in Tolikara district, Papua. As the minority group in the district, Muslims forced to flee to a nearby local military location to find protection. The attack because one of the leading church community held a seminar on a same day with the Eid prayer.
Taken from the case, this essay will questioning does the civil rights, specifically to gather and make organization abuses the human rights? Will the civil society as the majority group undermine the government 's effort to protect the human rights of the minority? Whether the local value of democracy overruled the universal value. If so, is there any possibility that civil society can support stable democracy? This essay will argue that democracy process is a concept that need to be understood comprehensively by all…

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