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I choose my research paper on gout condition because I have Gout started since I was 28 years old, I was stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, One day we are training for 14 days and I consumed some of the Meal Ready to Eat (MRE) and I noticed that every time I eat a particular MRE packet “frankfurters” which is nothing but hot dogs. My joint in the rear of my big toe swell and it feels like a sprain symptom so at the end of our training I went to sick call and as usual the medics gave me a Motrin for pain. So I go on with this condition, the swollen goes from my big toe then a few years later I start to my ankles and knees. Six years later at age of 34, now station at Fort Lewis when I meet the 3rd brigade surgeon, 2nd Infantry Division, Dr. Lazarus and so I brought up the condition that I have been having a swollen and painful pain symptoms at the joint and so he order a blood test for uric acid level. When the result came back from the blood test, my uric acid level in of blood was way above the normal level it was 14 and the normal, tolerable level is up to 6, and Dr. Lazarus said that I had a condition of gout and the cause of ¹gout is by abnormal of metabolism of uric acid by the body, also may …show more content…
²The first documented case was in 1859 by English physician Alfred Baring Garrod, completed “The Nature and Treatment of Gout and Rheumatic Gout”. ³One of his ten propositions in this book stated firmly and clearly that the gout inflammation was caused by the deposited urate of soda (uric acid), and no other that an excess of uric acid (today we’d call it hyperuricemia) led to crystallization and

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