Gothic Standards In Frankenstein

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Frankenstein's portrayment of Gothic Standards The gothic novel Frankenstein, by author Mary Shelley, written in January of 1818, was written to portray situations that represent gothic standards. Gothic novels are known to portray alarming unexpected situations. Going off of that, Shelley did an outstanding job of representing gothic standards in the novel Frankenstein. The novel Frankenstein reaches the expectations of a gothic novel because of illness, death, and the monstrous creature. Victor is one of the main characters throughout Frankenstein. Across the novel, Victor is known for his effort when it comes to confronting his very own creation. However, at the beginning of the novel Victor encounters some brutal illnesses. At that …show more content…
When it comes to gothic standards, death is a very important aspect, because it contributes to a feeling of terror. However, throughout the novel 3 out of the six deaths represent the most gothic standards. The first gothical death was of William Frankenstein. William was the beloved younger brother of Victor. This death was completely unplanned, and there are still thriller facts waiting to be found. An example of a mystery with the killing is, “the print of the murders finger is found on his neck (Shelley 47).’’ While inspecting Williams corpse, Victor found a blemish on Williams neck. That little speck revealed that the murder was unexpected. However, after Victor's creates his creature, it is found the creature tacked William down and assassinated him. As a result, the death of William reaches the aspects of a gothic novel because it was completely unplanned, it was violent murder, the murder is still waiting to be found, and Victor is experiencing a lot of sorrow from the missing of his little brother. Moving forward, the next death was of Justine Moritz. When Justine's mother passed away, she moved in with the Frankenstein family and became their servant. After the death of William, the monster put a photo of William in her pocket. That lead her into the accusation of murder. After she was accused she was put in jail. While she was still in prison, Victor went to one of the court trials, while he was sitting

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