Gothic Art And The Gothic Era Essay

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Gothic Art was produced in France in 1120 and lasted until 1200 in Western Europe. This style of art was deprived from Romanesque art which was introduced in 1000 A.D in europe and lasted until the rise of Gothic era. Gothic Art became very dominant in the 15 century.The term “gothic art” was given to the period by the Romans. The Romans gave this name because the Barbarian Gothic Tribes destroyed the roman empire and its culture in the fifth century. This style of art can be looked at in almost every aspect of art. It comes in the form of painting, sculptures and most importantly architecture. Although painting was not as important as the architecture it still helped with the development of the era. The paintings during this era were centered around religious figures. Most of the paintings were of the passion of Christ and the virgin Mary. Gothic art has deep ties to the Christian religion. One of the Gothic movement’s main purposes was to inspire the people who observed its art. It was meant to leave the viewer in awe of God’s divinity. In the fourteenth century the paintings were used to decorate the panel behind the altars of temples and cathedrals. However during the 14th and 15th century the painting began to go switch over to historical and hunting events.The paintings went from a more stiff and simple form to a more relaxed and natural form. Artist during this time used a lot of flowy and curvy lines. They also liked to incorporate the use of gold. One…

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