Gossip Essay

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So my roommate storms in and tells me that in her linguistics class she learned that men are concerned with lecturing while women are focused on gossiping. She backs the idea up with a reason of it being because men and women were socialized into gender roles as children. I would agree with half of her statement. Yes gender roles are taught as children. But I would thoroughly inform her about why women’s talk isn’t necessarily “gossip” and how that’s very problematic to say.

So firstly I would say why I agree that gender roles are socialized into children. People are put into gender roles they can even say “goo goo gaa gaa”. Once a child is born they’re automatically given a gendered name and also put in colored clothing to distinguish their
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Claiming that its just “gossip” implies what women have nothing else better to do, and nothing else better to talk about expect for nonsense and empty chatter. This idea is complete opposite of what women’s talk truly is. Women tend to have passionate intimate conversations and to say that they are “gossip” lessons what women’s talk actually is. I think that men tend to say that women gossip in order to lessen the quality of their conversations, and deem it as less Important and irrelevant. “… Often voiced by women about the men with whom they are intimate is "He doesn 't talk to me" and the second most frequent is "He doesn 't listen to me." Women claimed that even talking to their husbands was difficult cause their husbands were telling them that they should stop gossiping. “This simply provides further confirmation that what appear senseless of mindless to men is of considerable important to men .” So I would say that this so called “gossip” is actually the way that women speak and share themselves with one another, and instead of seeing it as ide chatter we should understand that its an important part of women self disclosing to one

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