Gorillas In The Crossfire Analysis

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The New York Times Op-doc, “Gorillas in the Crossfire”, produced on 7 November 2014 by Orlando von Einsiedel show the story of Andre Bauma, a man who takes care of mountain gorillas of Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo, intentions for Mountain Gorillas freedom. The Op-Doc shows how war has been rising for 2 decades and hundreds of soldiers have been killed or harmed trying to protect their park. The park has been raided by armed rebels and these soldiers jeopardize their lives for Virunga Gorillas each day. Reason being, the people of Virunga know the gorillas have the same rights just as human beings, and they are the key to the region’s stability. The Mountain Gorillas are not the main target of interest but they …show more content…
With there being only 700 Mountain Gorillas left in the society this park is very rare. Rebels have taken over the once protected area for the Mountain Gorillas and have endangered them more and more by the day. The filmmaker captures the audience hearts by starting with a bright and clear view of the Virunga National Park with the calm sounds of mother nature. The maker adds subtitles and identification to show who Andre is and his reasoning of saving these Mountain Gorillas. The visual showing of Andre carrying a Mountain Gorilla shows that he is interacting with the species at a personal level. Now, the filmmaker does close-up films of the Mountain Gorillas viewpoint of life as well as Andre. In the gorilla’s close shot, they are shown playing, hugging each other, and are around the park trying to ignore the crossfire that has them afraid and trying to survive. In Andre’s interview, he explains his reason and passion of saving these gorillas even though it is dangerous and could put him at harm. This scene alone the filmmaker use pathos to appeal to the audience emotions by showing how the Mountain Gorillas are endangered species fighting a war they were forced

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