Google Strategic Plan Essay

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Google Strategic Plan - Report

The paper aims to examine the strategic plan by Google and the company’s dominance on the internet. The report will leverage my earlier reporting information by synthesizing the information into an informed strategic plan. Scholarly articles and scientific literatures will also be used as a backdrop for the report. The findings from the report indicate that Google is sweeping the world and is currently a threat to Microsoft. The ability to provide relevant searches and link seekers to opportunities gives the company a competitive advantage on the internet. However, there are many companies competing for dominance on the same niche. Nevertheless, Google’s
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The company assesses each website and link by using approximately 200 signals and a range of techniques like the RankPage algorithm (Levy, 2011). The ability to tweak each person’s expectations (a voice on the internet) with a classified technology (algorithm) has given Google a competitive edge in the Search and Placement industry. In the same vein, Google Inc. is open to the development of newer and more improved software because innovation takes place in the collective participation of informed programmers. Hence, Google’s absolute dominance is courtesy of competitive approaches and techniques. One of them believes that democracy on the internet should be acknowledged and respected.
After five years in the industry, Google’s experts turned to information that was not readily available. After indexing more HTML pages, the company decided to leverage a unique approach of sourcing non-available information and exploring newer paths. This technique worked because it was a matter of identifying a person’s phone number, address and directory information on the internet. The efforts to integrate newer databases into the search allowed the company to find a breakthrough in the juggernaut that had roped the information age for decades. Over time, the company realized that these efforts required more creativity like; including academic journals, patents,

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