Analysis: Week 3 Recruitment Strategies For The 21st Century

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Homework for Week 3 Recruitment Strategies for the 21st Century
The article, A look inside the Google talent machine, was written on July 25th 2006, by Dr. John Sullivan. The article explains the recruitment strategy Google employs to attract talented personnel and the benefits offered to retain them. Organizations should always strive to hire the most qualified personnel available. Attracting and retaining talented people is the key to an organization’s success in today’s competitive marketplace. This essay will discuss why Dr. Sullivan wrote the article, the propositions that best represent what this article is about, the strengths and weaknesses of the material, the questions it answered and the new questions it raised.
Dr. Sullivan wrote
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What tactics does Google employ to attract talented recruits? And what benefits does Google offer to full time professional employees? The new questions the article raised are: How does Google justify spending so much money on recruiting? Why isn’t Google more concerned about attracting more senior and experienced personnel? Google may be able to justify spending so much money on recruitment and retention because the competition for talent is extremely competitive. For example, the law of diffusion of innovation dictates that 80% of a company’s profits are generated by products designed in the last four years (Indiana University, n.d.). There can be no long term financial stability within an organization unless it consistently delivers innovative new products to the market. And without talented personnel there would be no innovative new products to sell. Google may not be concerned with attracting senior and experienced personnel because its products are on the leading edge of available technologies. For instance, Moore’s law dictates that technology doubles in speed and decreases in size every 18 months (Moore, n.d.). By the time someone can be considered a senior member or experienced in a particular field, chances are the technology has already become

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