Google Company Analysis Paper

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Google Company Analysis Paper


In this paper, I perform business analysis for Google Inc, the leading internet search engine provider in the world. Google Inc., a technology company, maintains index of Web sites and other online content for users, advertisers, Google network members, and other content providers. Its automated search technology helps users to obtain instant access to relevant information from its online index. The company provides targeted advertising and Internet search solutions, as well as hosted applications (Google profile, 2010).

Mission, Goals & Objectives

Google, the name of the company, reflects the immense volume of information that exists, and the scope of Google's mission: to
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The threat of the entry of new competitors As the same reason mentioned above, this threat is also minor. Microsoft and Yahoo had not been able to compete with Google in the past. My experience with Google is extremely positive. I think there is less likely that a new competitor will emerge soon to threaten Google.

The intensity of competitive rivalry Google has been hiring an excellent management team to run the company. I think the company should be able to respond to any certain behavior by another competitor.

The bargaining power of customers (buyers) At this time, the bargaining power of Google’s customers is low. Google search provides the best search results to the internet users. Companies are willing to put their sponsor link on Google. Hence, Google can charge its customers reasonable fees.

The bargaining power of suppliers
Google does not sell or manufacture products, and therefore does not have suppliers.

STEP (social, technological, economic, political) analysis. The STEP analysis pertains to Google is as follows:

Social. Google's mission statement represents the deep belief and core purpose as to where they ultimately want to go. The mission statement is "to make the world's information universally accessible and useful." Hence, bring more convenience to the public society. They have a code of conduct that all employees must adhere to: The core message is simple:

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