`` Good Will Hunting `` Essay

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Have you ever had anyone ask you, “do you want to talk about it?”, and you instantly dismiss their offer? Most individuals believe that silence is the better coping mechanism than discussing the issue with a trusted individual. I will provide an analysis on the following film, “Good Will Hunting”, in hope to educate the reader of the importance in utilizing communication to solve problems, rather than remaining silent. The success of communicating is also due to the many concepts that influence it, and many of these concepts are used in “Good Will Hunting”. I will use the following concepts in, “Good Will Hunting” such as, self-esteem, stereotypes, stages of relationship development, mixed emotions, and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to assist in explaining the importance of communication.
Starting from the beginning of the film, the audience observes that our main protagonist, Will, holds the essential foundation of all communication such as a self-esteem. Self-esteem, whether high or low, possess factors that aid in forming how we interact and perform around others. One scene involves Will’s professor, Lambeau, and Will sitting down for the first time and attempting to solve a problem on the board, Will doesn’t shy away from the challenge and completes it with total confidence. Will’s behavior suggests that he has a high self-esteem due to his being able to perform well when being watched and working hard for people who expect high standards from them. High self-esteem is…

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