Good Teachers On Dangerous Ground Essays

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The idea of a good teacher has been in debate for many years among the teaching profession, government bodies and other community members. With many claiming different ‘models’ of teaching should contain certain qualities (disciplined, intellectual, enthusiastic, etc.) that should be adapted into teacher-education and teaching institutions. In this essay I will be discussing, and analysing the main argument from the text ‘Good teachers on dangerous ground’ (Connell, 2009) and explain the key ideas. I hope to find the ideal ‘good teaching’ model, describe what that model contains and discuss how we can foster this. Prior to starting this essay, my initial idea and schema of the ideal teacher was the idea of a supportive, energetic and enthusiastic teacher over the intellectual teacher. I understand that there may be complications to this and I intend to explain this further. The essay will be presented in sections of key ideas and importance of this argument, and will provide personal reflection and raise any questions I may have as a future teacher.

Connell (2009) does not try to define what a ‘good teacher’ is but rather explain what a ‘good teacher’ model involves. She discusses competencies that an ideal teacher should possess in todays culture, and why they should possess these. An immediate implication of defining the ideal teacher is how teachers are determined to be ‘good’. To understand good teaching, one must consider what the job of a teacher is – Connell…

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