Good Mother In The Revolt Of Mother By Mary E. Wilkins

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Mothers play an important role in the lives of their children. They influence their children in many ways, such as teaching them important life lessons. They also use past mistakes and life experiences to instruct their kids. It is part of a mother’s duty to prepare her children for adulthood. Mothers can influence their children in many different ways, but ultimately the same goal of preparing their children for their future will be achieved.
An example of an excellent mother is Sarah Penn, from the short story “The Revolt of “Mother,’” written by Mary E. Wilkins. Sarah is the mother of Nanny and Sammy, and is married to Adoniram. She is a caring mother who stands up for what she wants. Another example of a good mother is Sharon Sedaris,
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Although rebelling against a man was uncommon in the 1800s, Sarah was strong-willed and got her way. She started small by repeatedly asking Adoniram, “What are them men diggin’ over there in the field for?” until she had an answer to her question (Wilkins 1). She also insisted that Adoniram come and talk to her about the new barn being built, even though he claims that he has work to do. As the barn is nearing completion, Adoniram was called out of town, and Sarah again went against his wishes. She moved all of the family’s belongings from their small house to the newly constructed barn, turning it into the family’s new living quarters. Sarah’s defiant nature is one reason she is such a good mother. By defying her husband’s wishes and fighting for what she wants, she is teaching her children that they should always stand up for themselves and what they …show more content…
Mrs. Sedaris and Sarah are both creative. Mrs. Sedaris is artistic, and displays “a tendency for drawing and mud sculpture” (Sedaris 40). She claims responsibility for her daughter’s artistic abilities (Sedaris 40). Mrs. Penn is creative both visually and physically. She is able to look at the empty barn and visualize what each area will become in the family’s new home (Wilkins 12). She also makes shirts and jackets for both her husband and son (Wilkins 8). These women are also mutually quite stubborn. Sarah persistently questions Adoniram until she receives an answer to her question (Wilkins 6-8), while Mrs. Sedaris has “[a] talent for argument,” proving that she is just as stubborn as Mrs. Penn and does not give in easily (Sedaris 81). These mothers are both great influences to their children. Lisa K. Boyce, Gina A. Cook, Shawnee M. Hendershot, and Vicki Simonsmeier, authors of the article “Academic Outcomes of Very Low Birth Weight Infants: The Influence of Mother-Child Relationships,” stated “Mothers who are responsive to their children’s interests…provide an ideal learning environment for children to develop their skills in appropriate ways” (158). Mothers who are attentive to their children provide opportunities for their children to learn skills and traits from themselves, as proven by Mrs. Penn and Mrs.

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