Origin Of Golf Essay

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Who invented golf? The answer to this age-long question has been largely debated by many historians and golf professionals over the years. Golfers who love the game still very heatedly debate over the origin. This mystery has remained unsolved, but does not really matter in the grand schemes of things, what matters about the history of golf is how golf has evolved and effected humans over the years. It is hard to believe that the calming, stress relieving game we know today could have come from the brutal, blood shedding Romans. Many historians believe that golf came from a Roman game called, Paganica. The game was played with a bent wooden stick and a ball made of leather (probably filled with feathers or with air). However, even if we can find some resemblance with the ancient golf balls, it seems that Paganica balls were bigger, in the range of 5.5 inches (15 cm) of diameter. The objective was to hit a pre-selected target (a tree, a rock or something similar) or, according to other sources, there were two teams playing in opposite directions like in Hockey (The Complete History of Golf). Another theory of where golf originated is from Chuiwan which was played during the Song Dynasty in China. In Chinese “chui” translates to hitting and “wan” translates to small ball, so “Chuiwan” means hitting a small ball (Ancient Origins). According to the web article “Golf - The Ancient Origins …show more content…
Golf is called the gentleman’s game because one must be dedicated, positive, a lifelong learner, respectful to others, confident, and integrous (10 Qualities of Being a Gentleman). Golf has taught me perseverance, self-control, self-confidence, integrity, and how to handle tough situations. Golf’s history is important to the world because as citizens we should be teaching the next generations all of these lessons and

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