Rise Of Islam

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Throughout history Islam had an impactful effect on shaping the world for what it is today. Most people in the newer generations are uneducated about Islam and the extensive historical significance behind it. Between the mid eighth century till 13th century the Muslim world was an extensive part of development for society at that time, which became to be know as the Golden Age of Islam. The rise of Islam led to several advancements in society being important for world history. From the spread of languages (Arabic), to medicine technological advances during medieval times, to even the idea of college! The rise of Islam’s effects is still felt today. There are countless other discoveries from stars to the first glider.
1. Mathematics The greatest
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Medicine One of the greatest achievements of medieval Islamic society was the hospital. Islam revolutionized the way hospitals operated. The Ahmad ibn Tulun hospital is an example of an early success. It was known for several factors one of which being the first hospital for where care for the insane was provided. Through out the Golden age, several other Islamic hospitals were developed. It did not end at hospitals, Muslims established the first pharmacy located in Baghdad by Haurn al-Rashid. There are numerous contributions made to medicine by the rising of Islam. There were many great Muslim physicians a few of them were Al-Razi and Abu Ali Sina. Al-Razi was known for his research on smallpox, measles and chickenpox. Abu Ali Sina was know for his influential book called al-Qanun fi al-Tib. An interesting fact is Islam’s cleansing rituals before prayer led to an advance in hygiene. Without Islam’s contribution modern medicine would not be where it is today.
3. Language The spread of Arabic was mainly due to from Islam’s rising. Arabic was originally formed in the Arabian Peninsula. It spread throughout the countries by way of trade and conquest. Understanding Arabic eventually became a skill for merchants and travels. Arabic even has effects on the English language, an example would be the word: “admiral” coming from “amir-ar-ahl” in Arabic meaning chief of the transport. Without Islam Arabic would not be as popular as it is
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Muslims needed to know a lot about astronomy in order to correctly time prayers. An example of this would be the development of the plantary theory by Ibn al-Ahatir. During the 16th an astronomer name Taqi-al-Din created astronomical tables and observation instruments which measure the coordinates of stars and distance between them. The first observatory in Europe was even built by a Muslim in 1190 A.D. All in all, the Muslims have made significant contributions during medieval times in astronomy.
6. Education In fact, the world’s first university was created by two Muslim women, Fatima and Miriam al-Firhi in Morocca. They started the concept if awarding degrees for completing of education. Another great achievement is the establishment of Nizamiyah University of Baghdad which was the stepping stone in the Islamic world as well as the non-Arab world for higher education. It attracted students from all over the world during the medieval times. The first school of surgery in Europe was founded in a Muslim Sicily.

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