Going Against The Norm : Runner In The Classroom Essay

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Dr. Nalkur
Sociology 101
Norm Violation Assignment
Going against the Norm: Runner Imitator in the Classroom
Social context is arbitrary. What society deems as normal and ordinary varies amongst all societies. Going against the norm or expectations for behavior in society, can result in either positive or in my case negative sanctions. Sanctions are either positive or punishing reactions received from others in response to certain behaviors(Nalkur, Lecture Notes). All in all, norms are the expectations and behaviors that the majority of us assign to spaces and statuses. My norm violation takes place in the ever so common classroom.
In my biology classroom there is not much interaction amongst the students-- it is a lecture style class where the professor speaks and the students listen and take notes. After lecture, chatter fills the quiet room, students grab their items, and walk outside. On September 18 I decided to enact my folkway norm, how we causally interact in specific social context, violation in my biology class. During my norm violation, my friend who is usually in a rush after class thought I was trying to race her outside. She jokingly mocked my motions for a while then continued to rush to her next class. Another friend that I usually walk with after class yelled at me from afar and asked what I was doing. Random strangers in the hall heard me breathing heavily while I was figuratively “running” and did either of the following: kindly step to the side…

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