Essay about God 's Providence

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There are many theologian perspectives in the chapter of God 's providence that are very have been thoroughly suggested. Although one is not better than the other I believe there are some ideals in which I agree with more than the other. Migliore points out that traditional theologians agree the incomprehensibility of God . “We do not know why there is so much evil in the world, or why it is distributed so unevenly, but we are nevertheless to trust God and have patience” (p.127). Another point is that revolves in theodicy is whether it is God allows for disasters to occurs not. I would like to give my own thoughts based on these concepts. If theologians agree that we as humans may not know more than God himself then I think it is best that we look at human suffering in different perspective. By knowing that will cannot receive a direct answer from God we instead should reflect upon what we as humans and our capabilities. What I mean by that is to understand our role as humans and the extent and freedom we acquire. We have some definite control in decision making, and doing other things in our lives that are not interfered by natural sin.Therefore, we must also use this knowledge to our potential.
As humans we have a set of morals that we follow. Naturally we like to do what we think is right even if others do not agree with us. When there are disruptions that causes human suffering there are people who are aware of those circumstances and know it is wrong…

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