Essay on God 's Good Earth : A Global Health Perspective

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Destroyers: Exploiting God’s Good Earth: A Global Health Perspective
David McKay is the author of Destroyers: Exploiting God 's Good Earth, it was written in 2008 and is the last book in the End of Time Trilogy. Destroyers is a futuristic novel about how the burden of disease cripples a village in Kenya and the impact foreign investors have on the socioeconomic values of that village. The title chosen by McKay sets the tone for the book: in the end money and profit has the power to destroy all that we know. McKay was able to challenge many of my views by using subjugated knowledge that compelled me to learn more about the global health issues our western world is typically not aware of. In turn it encouraged me to understand the responsibilities I have as a global citizen. The purpose of this book critique is to use story in an effort learn more about myself and culture and expand my knowledge of global health. McKay brings to light global health issues that are not talked about in our western world therefore, this novel was an excellent choice for this assignment. In this critique I will place emphasis on how Kenya is affected by the burden of disease and the impact rapid urbanization has on the socioeconomic status of the country. I will also demonstrate how this assignment has influenced my learning.
Destroyers: Exploiting God’s Good Earth: A Summary
Destroyers takes place in Shinyalu, Kenya, one of many poverty and AIDS stricken villages in the world where the villagers…

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