God Is Evil Essay

Maryam MalyarRLG100Y1Professor DhandIf God is Good, Why is there Evil in the World Why do bad things happen to good people? The idea of Evil has been a problematic question for religions, since its beginnings. Many people see the matter of evil as a threat to question the existence of God and as a challenge to strong authorities, such as Abrahamic religions like Christianity. In order to explain things, we often blame God for the evil that exists in this world “If God is good, why do good people suffer?” "How can God exist if there is evil in the world?" This question arises because of the character of God. God is known to be being who is benevolent, and powerful. If God is wise and all powerful he would have known that evil would exist, and …show more content…
The fact that God doesn't seem to be doing anything about the evil and injustice in this world causes many to question their faith. “How can there be such evil in the world, if God exists?” “How can God let the good be taken advantage of?” This is something religious scholars have discussed and studied for years. Theologians use theodicy to explain the problem of evil. How can evil exist in the world when God is all-powerful and all-good? One of those theories is the ‘Free will’ theodicy. This states that “God had to allow for the possibility that humans would do evil in order to give them Free Will.” In other words, if God made a world without evil, he would have to make it impossible for human beings to do any evil. Doing so would take away their free will and their self-awareness, which was given to Adam and Eve. Many see free-will as something that leads to ethical evil. Representatives of free will, such as humans, are able to choose from sensible or dangerous decisions that can bring suffering or lead to others being taken advantage of. This often leads to bad things happening to good people. An example of ethical evil would be the

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