Gmos : The Silent Killer Essay

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GMOs: the silent killer A GMO, or genetically modified organism, is a plant, animal, or being that has been genetically altered in a laboratory. Moreover, a GMO can refer to any animal, crop, or organism that has been genetically engineered or modified. In the food industry, GMOs usually refer to produce and other consumer goods that have been genetically modified. Most Americans are not aware of the prevalence of GMOs in the food industry and the dangers that accompany them. In fact, according to the Non-GMO Project, around 80% of all processed food in the United States contains GMOs (“GMO Facts”). The effects that these GMOs generate are affecting their lives more than they know. As these GMOs are not being monitored, their exact effects are not known, leaving a large gray area as to how they should be regulated. It is important for American consumers to become more aware of the dangers of these silent killers. Therefore, because GMOs are harmful to humans, the environment, and even developing nations, all manufacturers in the United States should be required to label GMOs on all food products.
Firstly, Genetically modified organisms, specifically in the food industry are damaging the health of the human beings consuming them. Most consumers assume that the foods they purchase are safe to eat and are GMO-free, but this is not the case. Joseph Mercola, a renowned doctor who specializes in nutrition, attests that, in the United States an increasing amount of genetically…

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