Essay on Gmos Should Be Used For Foreign Food Aid

1876 Words Nov 13th, 2015 8 Pages
The information on genetically modified organisms is divisive. However, people are not divided on the issue of starvation and malnutrition; everyone wants it to end. The two are closely related because it is scientifically proven that GMOs can do a lot to end those devastating issues when given the chance. The problem that interferes is the widespread panic about the alleged dangers of genetic engineering. Many are concerned that there are negative effects to their health and to the environment. This panic is not coincidentally coming from those who are not starved or malnourished. GMOs should be used in foreign food aid because our global society is being damaged by the unfounded and cultural fear of them.
There has been a lack of clear, factual, unbiased information on what GMOs are. The controversy on whether GMOs are ultimately bad or not stems from the lack of publicized and scientific facts. There is even a misunderstanding about what a GMO is. To quote Hank Green, “A genetically modified organism is simply an organism, like any other organism, which produces tens of thousands of proteins, but one or two of them were chosen specifically by humans” (Why are GMOs). They are mostly used for medicine, in animals, and plants. The most heated debates around the globe fall on the use of GMOs for food, mostly in plants. They can be used to enrich the nutritional value of food, to make it pest resistant, to grow it more quickly, to grow it larger, and to create an immunity to…

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