Gmo Crops Research Paper

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GMO Crops What is gmo ? What does it mean? Do people really know what it is, and what it does? Growing gmos can prevent pests from consuming the plant. Growing gmos can also help prevent diseases from ruining the crop. Gmos feed a large population of people because the plants are able to resist these things. Growing crops with pesticides and herbicides are superior to growing them organically because it is pest resistant, diseases resistant, and feeds more people than organic crops do. Gmo crops feeds a larger population than organic crops does and “gmo crops were approved for human consumption in 1996” (Ino). Gmo crops are superior to non GMO crops because of their ability to resist pest, diseases, and feed a large population of people. …show more content…
Lynas was a researcher and thought a lot of negative things would happen to a person if a person was to eat too much gmo produce, but after doing studies of hundreds of millions of meals that contained gmo produce nothing has gone wrong to another person. “It was a long-term process, which began many years earlier. Between the mid-1990s and 2000, “ I was an activist against GMOs. That was the period when I was actually involved in destroying GM crops in the fields and spreading campaign information against GMOs”( "Gmos: A Solution Or A Problem?¨). Lynas was once against gmos, and pesticides but after really understanding what it is she is now supporting it because she really sees now what gmos are capable of doing. “It depends on the technologies, and it depends on the seeds. For example, I am now working with Cornell University to launch a genetically-modified eggplant, called brinjal in Bangladesh. The GM eggplant is insect-resistant, so farmers will not need to use large amounts of pesticides that they currently do to protect the crop. These seeds will be made available at the lowest possible cost. This is an example of things that are being done by public-sector scientists, not just by big companies” ("Gmos: A Solution Or A Problem?"). Lynas agrees with genetically modified organisms for lots of reasons the genetically modified eggplant is one example of the incredible things that these seed are capable of

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