Gm Key Attributes Of Gm Essay

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GM is described as untrustworthy, as well as, not devoted to their customers when it came to the ignition switch problems that it was dealing with for eleven years. With GM aware of the problem it still was never fixed, and the employees that were engaged in fixing the issue were not taking responsibility for it (Kuppler, 2014). Some key attributes of GM would have to revolve around the culture of the organization. GM places an important emphasis on committees in order to help ensure no issues are ignored, however, when it came to the ignition switch issue these committees failed to do their job. Nonetheless, this should have been a key attribute for GM, and instead turned into a failure to fix a long standing issue regarding customer safety. GM has several strengths, two of which are their strong brand portfolio and having a good knowledge of their home market. GM is also aware of their global attendance and has worked to make their vision and strategies become a strength for the organization (Jureviciu, 2013). However, in terms of weaknesses, GM tends to be high cost and have care recalls due to similar issues such as the ignition switch issue in this case study (Jureviciu, 2013). Their bureaucratic culture is also a hindrance on the organization as it takes issues longer than necessary to be addressed. Some strengths for GM are Global attendance and new vision and strategies some of GM weakness are high cost and car recalls due to issues like the one described in this…

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