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I. Abstract
All capitalized, bold font style, center page alignment, double line spacing (body)

The abstract gives the reader an overview of the study, based on information from the other sections of the report. The information given in the abstract is usually the basis of many readers as to whether they will read the entire report or not. The abstract is one paragraph of about 100-200 words.

The typical information elements included in an abstract are as follows:
1. Some background or general information on the study and the main topic (or purpose of the study and its scope)

2. Some information on how the study was conducted (or the methodology used in the study)

3. The most important
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4. Objectives (General and Specific) This part gives very specific statement(s) pertaining to the objective(s) of the study. 5. Significance of the Study
This part refers to statements(s) that give the significance of carrying out the study. 6. Scope and delimitation This part indicates what the study covers and what it does not or fails to cover.

For Chapter 2: REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE that may contain sub-sublevel headings one must follow the following style:
Chapter 2


This chapter is divided in two areas: 1. Conceptual Literature 2. Related Studies

Content of Review of Related Literature

The review of literature is basically an evaluated, organized, and synthesized collection of citations to other studies (NOT a MERE listing of previous studies), which are related or somewhat related to your own specific research problem. It serves three important functions. 1. It continues the process started in the introduction of giving the readers background information needed to understand your study. 2. It assures the readers that you are knowledgeable about the significant research that has been done in your area of investigation. 3. It establishes your study as one link in a chain of research that is developing and enlarging knowledge in your field of research interest.

The role of literature review is as

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