Essay on Globalization 's Impact On My Plate

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Globalization’s Impact On My Plate
At first thought, the food my family ate didn’t seem all that interesting. In fact, I couldn’t think of anything more boring to do than talk about a diet of pasta and potatoes for three generations straight. But the more I thought about this topic, the more I realized that my grandmother growing up couldn’t say her favorite food is a mango like I can. Being from rural New Jersey, she had to watch her mother walk to the nearest grocery store once a week, a long list of assorted items the family needed until next week sitting in a reusable bag on her shoulder. There are significant events that have occurred over the past three generation in my family that shape and mold what we eat and how we celebrate holidays centered around food and loved ones. Globalization is what has surged such a large change, and through significant events like the birth of children, divorce, and financial issues, my family’s eating habits have shifted considerably. However, I am lucky to understand how important food is to our everyday lives and how it is connected to this transformation around the world.
I decided immediately that I wanted to talk to my mother and my maternal grandmother about this topic. Both grew up in Sussex County, New Jersey, with my grandmother’s home as a child a short walk down the road from the home where she raised my mother. In fact, I grew up in the house directly next to the house my mother grew up in. I find that this intense proximity…

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