Essay Globalization Is The Process Of International Integration

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“Globalization means, above all, that a single event. . .now has the potential to affect everyone around the world almost immediately”(Kugler). Globalization is the process of international integration arising from the interchange of world views, products, ideas and other aspects of culture. In the world today everything around everyone is changing. That is due to Globalization; whether it be the climate, transportation, or how objects are made and being produced, everything is changing. Globalization is also making the world a more interconnected place that how the world used to be. Today, places are easier to get to, medicine is easier to retrieve, and transportation is easier. In the article, What Caused Globalization? by Tejvan Pettinger, he states “The world economy has become increasingly interdependent for a long time. However, in recent decades the process of globalisation has accelerated; this is due to a variety of factors, but important ones include improved trade, increased labour and capital mobility and improved technology.” Many individuals may think that globalization will make the world better or worse. Gleiser states that the technology the world may have by the year 2100 will just be a reinvented version of what the world has today, but how do individuals really believe the world may be in the future? Globalization is a system with many working part; however, it has its good aspects and it has its bad aspects.

Many historians argue whether…

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