Globalization Has Brought The Emergence Of Modern Slavery Essay

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Final Exam
1) According to Crowther-Dowey and Silvestri, (2016) globalization denote two distinct but interconnected methods; therefore, it touches the world of business and the financial interchange of goods and individuals, along with the computerization of business, manufacturing, and military, the way individuals communicate and navigation. There is a steady evaporation of societal, political and ethnic inconsistencies throughout the world (Crowther-Dowey & Silvestri, 2016). For instance, concepts about globalization have been practiced to denote societal expansions such as colonialism and slavery, where wealthy cultures conquered and oppressed subordinate countries and regions in different parts of the world (Crowther-Dowey & Silvestri, 2016). It is featured in Karl Marx’s the proletariat and bourgeoisie and financial development, particularly the development of capitalism (Crowther-Dowey & Silvestri, 2016). Globalization is the developing interrelatedness of countries and cultures; therefore, the advanced entanglement of human societies with each other (Crowther-Dowey & Silvestri, 2016). Globalization has brought the emergence of modern slavery, terrorism, human trafficking, and undetectable crime on the internet.
2) Comparative criminology is defined as a method that is outward viewing and, is it a theoretical search; additionally, it entails the logical objective of studying programs concerning the preparation and application of procedure (Crowther-Dowey &…

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