Globalization, Culturally And Share Ideas Essay

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If we take a closer look how business, companies and countries keeps evolving, it has become a process where the world has started to integrate economically, politically, culturally and share ideas. The successful advancements of technology has opened doors for companies and or businesses who work with distant countries to connect largely and at a faster rate. The simplest forms of technology, to the clothes that are made, speaks high volumes of somewhat globalized success. Though some might assume that globalization is a modern term, contrary the process has been around for centuries.

The text gave the definitions of other scholars, Steger’s definition however was, “Globalization is a set process of social changes, which also aid in the shift of human contact. Globalization corresponds with the idea of greater change, although globalization can either mean bad or good depends on how we view the topic. However the main construct of globalization, is the focus of economic aspects.” (Steger 8)

“The Economic dimension, is the intensification of human relations. Consumer goods being processed and manufactured by other parts of the world. Thanks to such aspects as trade etc. holds great power with the globalized exchange amongst countries. Economic globalization refers to the intensification and stretching of economic interrelations across the globe.” (Steger 27)

Economic globalization has made a major impact on free trade, company expansions and investments. Trading, the…

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