Essay on Globalization And The World Economy

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Globalization and the World Economy

For a developing countries, globalization means integration with the global economy. In a simple economic terms, globalization refers to the process of integration of the world into a larger market. According from the Ways of the World: A Brief Global History by Robert W. Strayer, “When most people speak of globalization, they are referring to the immense acceleration in international economic transaction that took place in the second half of the twentieth century and continued into the twenty-first.” (Strayer, 1138). The history of globalization and its positive/negative impact to our society are a subject or issue that still ongoing debate. There are no correct in absolute in the story of when the first process of the globalization, but civilization are being recorded. There are many research and studies show that globalization is the benefit of the world economy. This economic idea encourages the cooperation of the whole world to combine their economic relations to mutually benefit from each other. It is a successful method for strengthening the economies of many nations. There are several main forces associated with the globalization, such as technology, cultural and political causes, migration, and global interconnectedness. In this paper, I am going to reflect on the importance of globalization and world economy and what causes it.
According from the class discussion in week fourteen, “Globalization: Good or Bad?” the documentary…

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