Essay On Nike And Globalization

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“Time has changed. Companies cannot afford to ignore social responsibility.” Nowadays, social responsibility has become an important factor; in fact, companies have the obligation to do good in the communities and countries in which they operate will long rage on. As the book mentions, sustainable business has to take into account the interest of future generations, human rights, animal protections, and global warmings. In 2005 Nike suffers again some social responsibility, and legal concerns. Countless of Nike’s private subcontractor in particular the manufactures located in Vietnam have abusive treatment with workers. Nike audited various manufactures and they found out pretty shocking numbers. For instance, in South Asia between 25% …show more content…
What is meant by “leadership beyond borders”?
According to the textbook, globalization is the global competition characterized by network of international linkages and bind countries, institutions, and people in an interdependent global economy. “The fast pace of globalization is placing extraordinary demands on business leaders as they battle to find skilled resources in a time of rapid technological and social change.”
One of the primary reason of globalization is to be able to complete not only locally but internationally. If you competition expand globally, then you have to consider to follow suit. Because of other countries especially in emerging countries where labor and living cost is cheaper than in developing countries, corporation go overseas to make their products and then exports them to their domestic countries.
Thomas Friedman said that we live in a flat world and we all are connected in either one way or other. A manager must understand this and comprehend that we are in constant change and we have to innovate every day to be able to compete. Being in constant change and innovation is critical to a global leader because of the complexity of working in multiple places. Further, leaders must have the capacity to manage people with a diverse backgrounds and

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