Globalization And The Management Of It Fields Essay

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Globalization in the Management of IT Fields Globalization of the IT fields has been going for more than 30 years with the 3 major operating systems of Microsoft, Apple, and Linux being at the forefront. This has led to practices within the field to fall under similar categories as other programs are purchased, serviced and used by the public and private businesses. Many companies which provide for the purchase and service within business usage have begun to use the same setup and practice for handling sales, support, and advancement of software. By looking primarily at the management interaction of sales and support, it can be shown that the globalization of the IT fields have created several benefits, but at the same time create many more issues for the users and for the company in themselves. In June of 2014, Oracle Corp. acquired Micros restaurant POS software. This purchase allowed to Oracle to take on another software system on top of the Opera system, their PMS system for hotels. Micros was brought in and as with any business acquisition significant changes were made to the sales and support structure of Micros. These changes were made in an attempt to bring Micros in line for the policies in place with Oracle. This affected the sales and support department significantly as the sales system for Oracle, has long been using an online purchasing system and the support staff was rather than being dependent upon a sales representative. The purchase of software and…

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