Globalization And Localization Of International Companies Essay

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Globalization refers to the process by which people, international companies from different countries, countries and governments of different countries interact and come together to collaborate for trade, investment, promote living in harmony, religious beliefs and political influence and culture. This is aided by the improvement in technology (The Levin Institute, 2015). For example, countries in a given region may agree to be in an economic integration where free trade is practiced.
Localization is the process by which companies’ design their products and services in the way they can easily be adapted by people in different countries in the short time (Rouse, n.d).
Furthermore, globalization and localization are so important because they have transformed the way of living in the world. In other words, understanding globalization and localization has promoted the smooth running of businesses in the world. For example, the products which are easily adapted by people in a given country attract a large base of customers. Thus, allowing producing countries to make high profits. On the other hand, globalization has eased the accessibility of products / services as countries tend to come together to conduct free trade.
According to Hofstede, (n.d), “culture refers to the collective programming of the mind distinguishing the members of one group or category of people from others”. In his explanation, he categorized culture in six distinctive dimensions. These include the…

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