Globalization And Its Potential Effects Essay

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Cheerleaders like Johan Norberg and Thomas Friedman argue that globalization is inevitable and mainly positive, whereas other critics seem to have slightly different views. As YaleGlobal Online describes globalization is “propelled by the desire to improve one’s life and helped along by technology… this increasing integration of the world has enriched life but also created new problems.” As one can see, globalization is highly contested, but there are undeniable good results and bad results, depending on which aspect one is looking at. In order to understand globalization and its potential effects, on must look at all aspects as a whole, and be open to the views of contradicting experts.
Economically, globalization has mainly been a force for good, but has also created new, ethical problems. One of the obvious ways that globalization has enriched life has been by raising the standard of living for people in developing countries around the world. Both Norberg and Friedman state multiple times that the poor are getting richer and have more opportunities than before. Norberg, a global capitalism enthusiast, says that globalization is a positive force which causes the rich to grow richer, but has the same effect on the poor. “Absolute poverty has diminished,” according to Norberg (Norberg 2). Norberg argues that Transnational Corporations (TNCs) are causing the floor of poverty to rise, and the standard of living is increasing for poor people in developing countries around the…

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