Essay about Globalization : A Challenge For Islamic Cultural Identity

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First of all, Globalization changes peoples’ value. Nurullah (2008) in his article “Globalization as a Challenge to Islamic Cultural Identity,” writes globalization’s outcome is the acceptance of Western belief systems and values by non-Western societies. It does not matter if these societies’ beliefs systems are founded on religious principles, or not. The end result is the same whether the belief system is founded on Islamic principles or whether the belief system is simply manmade traditions. Both systems – when faced with globalization – are at risk of being replaced by Western beliefs and values. For example, few years ago Kuwaiti girls had a different mindset they weren’t allowed to hang out with friends alone. In order to go out they had to be with their mothers, or brothers. Girls used to be afraid to go out alone, and it was very weird to see groups of girls hanging out alone. Now a day, girls’ mindsets are very different, they are not only hanging out alone with friends, but also travelling alone. Which contravenes our Muslim’s habits and tradition, because Islam doesn’t allow women to travel without a father, brother, uncle, or a husband, and they are called “Mahram”. In short, globalization leads to a generic culture, which replaces cultures that formerly had their own distinctive traditions. One of the biggest “losers” in this cultural war is Islamic culture.
Secondly, Globalization makes people believe in other cultures. Muslims started to ignore their…

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